SHG Integration - (AndhraPradesh)

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Self-Help Groups (SHGs) are becoming the important platform for integrating people. SERP identified the existing SHGs potential for integrating people. Self-help groups are geared for mutual support, information, and growth. Self-help is based on the premise that people with a shared condition who come together can help themselves and each other to cope with the social challenges they face.

SHGs are integrating the low income segments with rest of the rural community by ensuring them a better participation in a more equitable share in the benefit of developments. These Groups are not only speeding up economic growth, but also providing jobs and improving the quality of rural life towards self-reliance. Self-employment needs a very wide ranging and comprehensive set of activities, relevant to all aspects of rural economy and covering rural people including skilled, unskilled and landless labours and artisans of Rural India. Even though the Rural Indians put their entrepreneurial skills in all the rural development activities their economic status has not improved to the expected level. Although they have much potential; they are ignorant of converting their skills into reality.SHGs have been a unique approach to gain financial security among the members. The approach combines access to low-interest financial services with a process of self management and mutual support system who are SHG members.


Components Integrated

  • Abhayahastam
  • Land
  • NDCC
  • Sadaram
  • CMSA
  • AABY
  • JBY
  • OAP
  • Weavers
  • Disability
  • Widow
  • ToddyTappers
  • SS ABH
  • Cattle
  • EGMM